Free training on TCI
in our simulation theatre

June 1st 2019 - June 2nd 2019
Vienna, Austria

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Assess how a virtual patient would react in a simulated environment: clinical signals (breathing, eye opening, heart rate, blood pressure, EEG and so on) can be monitored.

Interact with our team of expert and other practitioners in a small group.

Get invited for a free training in a simulated environment where a mannequin takes the place of a real patient.

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Event Speakers

Dr. Martina Heinrichs

Dr. med. Matina Heinrichs,

President and CEO

Matina has been managing the company since 2000 and has been working full-time in all areas of AQAI since 2007. As an anesthesiologist, she conducts a large number of simulation courses, takes care of the course-organization, the distribution of the employees and - of course - the business

Prof. Wolfgang Heinrichs

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Heinrichs

Vice President and CEO

Wolfgang is one of the first anesthesiologist to work with patient simulation in Europe. After many years at the University Hospital of Mainz and a long-term cooperation with Lufthansa, he now leads the AQAI GmbH and the Simulation Center Mainz. Wolfgang is an instructor for all disciplines and a developer of new simulator application.

Conference Schedule

Each session will last around 1 hour and a half, during the ESA congress, at Galerie 1 & 2, located in Hall B, 1st floor.
4 sessions per day. Capacity of the galleries is limited to 12 participants. You will receive confirmation by e-mail.

Saturday, 1st June 2019

Session Clinical case Time Duration
Session #1 Healthy ASA 1 09:00 AM 1,5 hour
Session #2 Obese 65yo 11:00 AM 1,5 hour
Session #3 Young slim female patient 02:00 PM 1,5 hour
Session #4 87yo ASA 4 04:00 PM 1,5 hour

Sunday, 2nd June 2019

Session Speakers Time Duration
Session #5 Young slim female patient 09:00 AM 1,5 hour
Session #6 87yo ASA 4 11:00 AM 1,5 hour
Session #7 Healthy ASA 1 02:00 PM 1,5 hour
Session #8 Obese 65yo 04:00 PM 1,5 hour

Event Venue

ESA Congress
Messe Reed Center,
Messeplatz 1,
1020 Vienna

Contact Information


Metroline U2 Krieau or Messe-Prater